WASEONG 華商控股 5142 - 股票分析思维导图


2015-03-21 该公司会找第三方联营发展特许权土地。
Research 2015
Oil and Gas Division
Petronas EVA-NMB
Gas delivery system contract
RM 232.1 Million
100% Completed in third quarter of financial year 2014
Polarled Development project
Statoil 挪威国家石油公司
Worth USD 198.0 Million RM 732.6 Million
Revenue RM 1.4 Billion Tax RM 187 million
Renewable Energy Division
The growth was primarily due to increase in sales of
boilers and kernel crushing plants for palm oil and agro-based industry
steam turbines
Revenue RM 342.5 million
PMT industries Sdn Bhd("PMT")
Plans to supply power to Cambodia's national grid are on target and expected to be commissioned in 2016
Industrial Trading & Services Division
Revenue RM 595.2 Million (RM 6.6 million)
PPI Industries Sdn Bhd (PPI)
Targeted Infrastucture and water pipes projects
Delayed and Shelved
Syn Tai Hung Trading Sdn Bhd ("STH")
Dec;ome om revenue primarily due to planned reduction in steel bar sales
Plantation Division
2013 complete 500 hectares
Target to reach 2000 hectares of oil plam plantation in 1st quater of 2015
as 31 December 2014 only managed to plant 570 hectares of oil plam
Atama Planttion SARL("APS")
Existing Investment
Petra Energy Berhad
49% stake in Alam-PE holdings (L) Inc. ("Alam-PD")
For RM 106 million
engaged in
Ship Owning and chartering (包租) of offshore Support vessels and ship management services
with Petronas sign December 2014
give exclusive rights to market sell, supply and apply REMCOAT
a Petronas proprietary product for pipeline coating
Waterfront expansion project
in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor
its 2nd phase of development
Target complete End 2015
Year 2015 main contributors revenue
Petrochemical sectors
Petronas RAPID project at Pengerang
The strategic partnership with Shinko Ind Ltd.
Manufacturing and distributing Shinko steam turbines in the Asean region and worldwide.
Made inroads into new overseas market,such as the Latin America, East Asia and Africa.
Bad News
2015-05-09: 违反联营合约 华商输官司赔4030万